TEENS MISSION – Disciplining the Younger Generation for Christ

Taking the gospel to the younger generation, which is also missionary work [the great commission], has now proven to be a more difficult task as years go by. We are constantly at war with the media and other ungodly social vices that are competing for the attention of our teens. The devil is aggressively and shamelessly using his agents to take capture the hearts of our teens while we ignorantly sit back and keep using old wineskins to house new wine. The way we choose to respond to his vices is very important because if we do not use wisdom, we stand the risk of losing the younger generation to evil. We need to recognize that times have changed and there is a great need for those involved in teens mission to disciple these ones for Christ, using a very open and honest approach instead of going around in circles.

You were once teen-aged and I am pretty sure you can remember that all you were concerned about was your identity; how you appeared to other people and what you felt you must do to fit in. It is the same for the younger generation as well. Their parents, older relatives and other people whom they look to, their God-given guardian, are sometimes so wrapped up in their own world that they rarely pay attention to these ones. In the search for this identity, they turn to all the wrong sources and seek advice from the wrong people who happen to be the available ones. The internet becomes their most treasured asset and as you know where your treasure lies is where your heart is. As someone who is already in the teens’ mission or one who is planning to get involved, it is important to remember that you do not have to go to a 3rd world country to disciple teens for Christ. It all begins with those around you. The teens of this generation require an honest, “in-your-face” disciplinary approach to the gospel. By disciplinary, I do not mean physical beating. It simply means training them to develop self-control, build godly character and have an orderly life.

Leading Them Closer to Christ

Everything about God is relationship based. He sent His son to re-establish the relationship that was broken when man fell to sin. We communicate and hear clearly from God without confusion when we are in a relationship with Him. The same goes for us as human beings. We are relational beings which mean that in order for us to communicate effectively and with intimacy [not sexual intimacy], we must establish a relationship with whoever we are trying to reach. If you want to reach the teen-aged generation then you have to be willing to establish a relationship with them, be vulnerable. You will need to discard the “it is not my business mentality” and prepare to get your feelings hurt sometimes, because these kids may not be willing to give up their sinful lifestyle without a fight. They may not be your children but you have a responsibility towards training them and leading them closer to Christ and this makes it every bit of your business. This brings me to my next point. Lack of knowledge is the reason why they put up a resistance each time you try to lead them to Christ. They already have the poor mentality that anything Godly is boring so they’d rather have “fun” than be caged. We all know this is a lie from the pit of hell but how we choose to communicate that to our teens’ matters a lot. Some of the ways we can communicate these things to them include;

Building Relationships: Go out of your way and look for teens who are hurting or who are unruly. It doesn’t mean that the other ones who appear to be sane do not need disciplining but that is a good place to start. Sign up for teen discipleship meetings and become an active teacher. It is important to remember that these kids will not respond to you if you come from a place of condemnation. The way we perceive condemnation and the way they perceive condemnation are very different. How will they be willing to give up that which is sinful when they do not know that the way of life they have chosen for themselves is destructive? These kids do not want to be told the commandments and the laws that must be obeyed. It puts too much pressure on them. All they want is for someone to be real with them. You should be able to make your ministry so personal that they start to long for the truth you are selling to them. Speak to them in a manner that speaks directly to their teen-aged struggle. Show them how relevant the Word is in their lives and daily issues. Give practical examples, even using your life story as an example. Engage them while you teach and give dramatic illustrations. Relate with them on a personal level that will cause them to develop a consciousness for truth and experience Christ.

Be an Example: The only way we can be credible to them is when they see our passion for Jesus. Let your life tell a story. Let his love for them is reflected in you and your actions. You and your team must have a significant and trusting relationship with Christ and it must reflect in the way you live your life. Your life should be the message and not just your words. You cannot be telling them to give up on something while you are holding tight to it in the secret. Everything that is hidden will come to the open someday. Do not be the one to cause these little ones to fall because you have refused to develop self-control. Let your lifestyle and your words be aligned to the message you are trying to pass.

Build Trust: The teens today are looking for intimacy and maturation. The foundation of your relationship with them must be built on truth; honesty about who you are and even your past when necessary. They require sacrificial love. With them, the little things count. Spend time with them, listening to them no matter how irrelevant you think their words are or how off their timing may seem. It won’t be the powerful sermon we gave on sex or drugs they will remember, but the personal time we gave or their late-night phone call we are when they were facing a major problem or decision and just wanted to talk. They want to know and trust someone that they can do this with.

Point them to the Word: It is easy for them to start relying on you instead of on Jesus. Do not give an opportunity for this. Always point them to the Word. Hold bible discussion classes and trust the Holy Spirit to make the Word come alive to you so that you can make it come alive to them while teaching. It is also important that you remember that you are not the Holy Spirit. You do not have the ability to convict but only to be used as a vessel. Do not try judging the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their hearts by their reactions. Some of these ones know how to mask their feelings a lot and can make you feel like you are pouring water on a rock. Well, keep pouring. Just be patient. That rock will become a bowl someday but it is not for you to decide when that will be. Your job is to keep speaking God’s Word. It is also important that you pray for them. Spend time interceding for them. Works without faith is dead just as Faith without works is dead. Back up your labor of love with prayers made in faith.


The success of teens mission must be evaluated on how well it is leading them to a deeper commitment to Christ. Check to see the way they relate to others and the way they live their lives after the encounter with Christ. No one comes in contact with God and leaves the same. These kids who are being led to Christ will in turn, out of excitement share the good news to other kids who will come out of curiosity. This is why it is important we take careful steps in pulling them out of the world and into the light. Don’t just involve them in activities. Be creative. The end game is for them to have a relationship with Christ and to be deeply rooted in His love. Be a vessel in bringing this to pass. The salvation of these kids is your responsibility.


Medical Mission Trips


Everyone is looking for a purpose in life. This is what inspires and drives the actions we take. If you are reading this article, it means you did a search for medical mission trips simply because you feel the need to serve a community in a way that most people cannot or have refused to serve. Well, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, lab scientist, dentist, optician, and any other healthcare workers or a pre-med student, one with an aspiring medical professional looking to enhance your skills and meet the needs of those who do not have enough funds to visit a hospital, the need for your services as a medical volunteer cannot be overemphasized. You can choose to be a part of something as beautiful as this; bringing healthcare to those who do not have the regular opportunity or enough funds to see a doctor or other healthcare workers. This can be very rewarding for your career as a medical professional and your spiritual walk with God because it will also be a way of expressing God’s love and a means of winning souls for Christ. You will be required to use your skills to provide adequate healthcare to those who need it, anywhere around the globe. It is important to note that you do not necessarily need to have a medical degree, as this program is not limited to those with degrees. You can be a volunteer who has an interest in medical placements or a healthcare intern or premed/prehealth student [undergraduates or graduate volunteers] interested in enhancing your skills and career as a potential medical practitioner. You will have the opportunity to work under seasoned medical personnel and learn from them, while you provide administrative, logistical or whatever kind of support that is necessary.


When choosing a program, it is very important that you consider the cost that it will implore. This cost can be made lighter if you choose to partner and work with organizations that are actively involved in assigning tasks to interested volunteer individuals. Such organizations include; e3 Partners, Partners Belize, Muso-Volunteer Positions, Equal Health Volunteer Officer and Intern Positions, Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, Volunteering solutions, Agape Volunteering, MedicalMissions.org, International Medical Relief and several others. You could also consider fundraising and request help from organizations like Volunteer Forever. For each of the organizations listed above, there is an application fee attached to their offer, the placements available which you will also have to pay for. You can choose the one most affordable to you.



The first thing to do is to look really hard at your mission. Know how long you will be spending in your choice country, the type of delicacies they have there and if it will be any danger to your health. The conditions will be very different from what you are used to and you will spend lots of hours working with limited medical supplies and equipment. Language and other cultural barriers may also make your work difficult. How will you cope with all these constraints? To begin, it is important to have a list of countries where you’d be interested in serving abroad. Do a lot of research on those countries, their culture, language, cost of living, availability of a visa, how long it is available for and why that country stands out for you. Prepare yourself for your choice country because you are going to be there for a while. Work on obtaining a passport and immunizations necessary for the country you will be going to serve in. Follow all recommendations given by your organization to prevent illness. Make a copy of your passport when you get it for safe keeping. Study and research a lot. Get to know that country, community, people, their culture and every important thing about them. Pray a lot and lean on God for the grace to serve effortlessly and efficiently.

Another important thing is to get to know your team; the people you are going to be working with very well. Try to spend some time with them before you commit to working with them. Be sure you are clear on expectations; what they expect from you and what you expect from them. Ask a lot of specific questions in relation to this trip including costs. Know what additional costs you are expected to pay when you are abroad. You should also have a list of preferences for assigned volunteer projects which include either choosing to work with a medical professional or working within your own area of specialization. You could do a survey and highlight those projects you’d want to get involved in which are closely related to what you want to get out of a volunteer program. Keep an open mind about and consider all the options because the one you may consider may end up being best for your skills.  

Deciding what to take with you on this trip can be very confusing. You should have at least 2 bags with you. One should contain your personal things and the other medical supplies. Do not take any medical supply or personal item for granted. Be sure to carry it if it is important because they may not be available in the country you are going to. If they are valuable or irreplaceable, it is best to leave it at home because, despite your pure intentions for coming to that community, it still does not eliminate theft. Be sure to carry personal medications and a first-aid kit as well. Bringing your own toilet paper is also advised on this trip. Wet wipes and hand sanitizers are invaluable on this trip and should be your best friend, carry it wherever you go. Learn to educate those you’d be caring for on their symptoms and appropriate use of medicine. Bear in mind that illiteracy is very high in third world countries. You will need to monitor them yourself to ensure that they take the medications as prescribed. You could assign some educated personnel from their land or educated relative to help administer these medications appropriately.

In Conclusion…

While on your mission trip, it is important that you learn their language, no matter how little so that you can communicate with them effectively. Do well to smile a lot and interact with them a manner that depicts love and genuine care. This program may not be profitable financially but it is beneficial in every way. If you are a non-medical volunteer, you will have the privilege to work with seasoned medical experts even as you contribute in the way you can. For students, this program will give you a practical insight on what your medical profession entails and you will have the opportunity to practice firsthand under the supervision of medical experts. For the medical personnel and other health providers, you will have the opportunity to put your skill to a profitable cause and also meet the health needs of people who are not privileged enough to have regular health care. Most importantly, there is this sense of fulfillment that you will have knowing that you helped make someone better spiritually and physically. Take the gospel to them even as you take your medical supplies and skills to them. Spiritual and Physical healing is of benefit to everyone!

Jesus said to go it includes medical mission trips as well.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

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Types of Missionary Work – How Can You Serve Today?

Types of Missionary workAs soon as you start to think about going on a mission trip, the next thought on your mind would be what types of Missionary work you can consider doing. Back in the days, you must say goodbye to your friends and family and say it well because the likelihood of your return was really slim in those days. Though this is still the same, it’s a bit easier to return home after mission trips in this day and age.

The world has become more educated and the work of missionary organizations make missionary work a bit more safe and thereby more interesting for missionaries. These organizations will keep you safe and fight for you in dangerous situations. Read this for options of organizations to work with. 

What Types of Missionary Work Should I consider?

In this phase, it’s important to pay close attention to your commanding officer-God. Where does God want you to serve? locally or internationally and in what ways are you supposed to contribute?

The truth is that everywhere you turn, there is mission work to be done there. Missionary work exists in your own neighborhood, country or anywhere around the world. And everywhere you turn there are different ways you can serve as a missionary.

When asking the question where do I fit in, the question what types of missionary work is available will help guide you. The world is filled with all types of people, with all types of problems and spiritual needs. How you choose to meet their needs is dependent on what God has put in your hands;

  • your God-given talent
  • acquired skills
  • intellect
  • experiences
  • the uniqueness of your personality
  • intellect
  • your connections
  • your work schedule
  • what you value

All these and more will help you determine what types of missionary work would actually fit you. These factors will also differentiate you from another missionary. For example, if you are a sales person and are a good listener, you will likely love to go talk to people about God. Some of your talents will determine how effective you will be in mission and evangelism. However, the most important ingredient you need in choosing from the types of missionary work to pursue is a relationship with the Holy Spirit, one which is constantly growing.

Some Types of Missionary Work (ways you can serve as a missionary) include:

Local-Based Missionaries

This category of missionaries stay within their country and reach the unreached in whatever way possible. They can be pastors, church workers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, one who runs a non-profit organization etc. Their aim is usually to use whatever position they are into disciple people for Christ. You can be a part of this category depending on if the Lord is impressing it in your heart.

International Missionaries

These are the most commonly thought of the type of missionaries when someone hears the word “missionary.” They are usually sent out to other countries and start to live life there, to evangelize and help people in need. They are usually sent by a particular nonprofit group or religious organization, which helps to raise support and prayer for the missionary’s efforts. Short-term missions typically last for a few months, Similar to student missions, there are a variety of ministry service opportunities available to the short-term missionaries, and many include additional responsibilities for more mature individuals.

Career Missionary

Believers in this category are called by God to reach an unreached people group, get acquainted with their culture, learn their heart language, and communicate with them in a manner that shares the love of Christ. You will develop Bible studies and ministry materials that will reach and disciple these people. Your responsibility will be to properly groom the Baby-Christians, bringing them to a point where they can stand, firmly rooted in God’s Word and then join the mission army. This process will take several years to accomplish, but it will definitely be worth it. You can also extend it to taking the new disciples and those who are yet to believe on skills acquisition classes and other helpful teachings.

Student Missionary

You can serve the Lord even while in school. The best part of education is knowing that you are a part of something great; serve on the frontiers and introduce souls to Jesus. Typical ministry opportunities include outreach/evangelism activities, basic medical work, homeschooling of missionary children, agricultural, church planting or other development activities, teaching, mechanical and construction work etc.

Explorer/Tourist Missions

For those of us who are very adventurous and love to travel, doing the work of the Lod, reaching the unreached is an amazing way to make your trip worthwhile. You want to explore the world, not for adventure, but to find unbelievers and introduce them to the Savior.

Evangelistic Missionaries

These missionaries convert people to Christ. The focus of their work is to preach and teach in areas where people may have never heard their religious messages before. Many evangelistic missionaries go door to door, hold crusades, online group meetings and organize public demonstrations. Some take to using the social media as a tool to push the gospel of God to the unreached.

Need-Based Missionaries

Need-based missionaries focus mainly on helping people in their area. While evangelism is a part of their service, meeting the needs of the people is their primary goal. These missionaries start orphanages, health centers, build churches and community centers, distribute medical supplies and help provide food and water for people in need etc.

Whichever way you choose, be sure to do it excellently and to the Glory of God. You are doing this as a service to God through man.

How To Become A Missionary – Christian Missionary

If you are reading this you probably are asking questions on how to become a missionary. Taking the steps towards becoming a missionary can be scary and daunting, however, the main reason for this article is to help you to clearly see the steps you need to take in order to step into what may by a long-term calling for you.

What to do before Asking How to Become a Missionary

The first thing to know is that if you are thinking of missions as a Christian, you are not in the wrong. One of the main assignment Christ gave every believer is to go into how to become a missionarythe world and preach the gospel to all, starting from where they are to other parts of the earth (Samaria, to Judea to the whole earth). So you see you are a missionary. However, the question for you would be “Am I to travel or just reach my neighbors? Yes, Now that’s valid.

Many would rather be nominal Christians and not do anything serious. They would go to church because that’s what you do but they haven’t taken their walk seriously. And therefore, transitioning from being a nominal Christian to becoming a missionary can be very confusing and daunting. You have no experience in walking this path. Well, assuming you are considering Missions as a nominal Christian, then I would suggest that you may be taking things too fast. First would be to try to plug yourself into a small group at a sound bible teaching the church. Get to truly understand what Christ did for you on the cross. Ask God to open your eyes to the need around you and then trust Him to guide you through it all. As soon as you get what Christ did in your Spirit, it will be easy for the Spirit of God to work with you in helping others to know Christ. Whether far or near, you can now begin to think of preaching to others.

However, the truth is whatever stage you are in your walk, deciding to become a missionary can be a bit difficult, but thank God you do not have to worry about how you will make it. As God has promised never to leave you stranded in whatever situation you find yourself in. And I feel blessed to be a vessel God he uses to bring this promise to pass in your life. This article which is the first of the series would help ease the transition process by teaching you how to become a missionary.


Before finalizing your decision on how to become a missionary, it is important that you know what your decision entails. A missionary is someone who has been called by God and sent by the church to go out and further preach the gospel of Christ where it has not been heard or established. You will be required to serve God by serving others. What this means is that you do not live for yourself anymore but you will dedicate whatever time you have left on this earth to meeting the needs of others. It is very important that you are clear on this call; be sure that it is God calling you out to the mission field and not your emotions. There has to be an inner witness; an impression of peace or a very strong conviction that assures your calling to be of God and not of self. For further clarity, you can discuss the matter with spiritual authorities, such as your pastors and mentors who would intercede on your behalf as well as counsel you. Going on a fast can also prove useful, as fasting is known to be a way of disciplining yourself, shutting out the noise of your emotions so as to focus on the voice of the Holy Spirit.


Once the call has been confirmed, preparation for life in the mission field is the next phase. First of all, the foundation for becoming a missionary does not rest on your talent, gifting or ability to persuade people, it rests solely on the Holy Spirit. Like the scripture says, those who are led by the spirit of God are called the sons of God, it is important for you to yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit who is already dwelling in you. He is the most important companion you will need on this journey. He is the best teacher to show you how to become a missionary. Some other ways of preparing for this call include;

Defining the call: It’s great to be used by God to reach people. Once you are sure that God wants you on the mission field, you will need to work hand in hand with the Holy Spirit. It’s ok to try out a short term mission first to get you feet wet a bit. Check out this article on mission trips for college students It’s important to remember that you are not the Holy Spirit and therefore you cannot be everywhere at the same time. You need to define what direction you’d like to take as there are many ways to serve in the mission field. This is a period where a lot of prayer and meditation is needed; spending more alone time with God to eliminate all the other confusing voices. In this period, you need to decide if you are going to be embarking on this walk solely or under a missionary board. You will definitely learn a lot on how to become a missionary by working with a mission agency. If you choose the latter, you’d still have to decide which mission board to join and what department to identify with. Any department you choose must be in line with your expertise and passion. They will also decide where you will get posted to. Each mission field, mission agency, and mission work will have its own special requirements.

Serve in your church: Before you move onto the bigger field, it is important that you get tested in the smaller field. Start by serving in your church. Be actively involved in ministries through your local church. You will be able to realize your strengths and weakness while doing this and grow more in wisdom and character.

Training: Anything you do not prepare for will consume and confuse you when you get there.  Before you go researching or looking for external training, start with the one that is right in front of you; the Word. Study it, meditate on it and ask your pastors or the older Christians around you a lot of questions. This is your number one manual to learn how to become a missionary. Go deeper in your relationship with God. Your church may have different kinds of training opportunities for those who want to serve in the mission field. Take advantage of it and acquire as much knowledge as you can. The type of training you should choose is dependent on what department you’d want to work under in the mission field. For additional training, you might want to consider enrolling in a bible school, seminary, skills acquisition classes etc. There is also an option of learning on the job which can be beneficial to you in areas you were not exposed to during your training. Mentorship is also advised. You can seek out the counsel of those missionaries who walked the path before you. Communicate with the current missionaries you know; people who are walking on the same path you are about to walk. Ask a lot of questions and listen carefully as they respond. It will help to make notes of their responses. Online study and research will also be a beneficial source of training. Knowledge is essential but without understanding, knowledge is dead and without wisdom, you can never discern rightly. Combine your physical study, exercise and other forms of training with prayer and fasting. That is where the revelation is.

Learn as much as you can about the country you will be serving in; their culture, the people and about being a missionary in that area. You can do so by making friends during your trips to that place, acquainting yourself with missionaries who may have served there or individuals who may have lived there, reading etc. It is important that you learn the language spoken in the country that you have been posted to. This will help you connect and communicate easily with the citizens of that country.

Short-term mission trips will help you get a burden for people. It is one thing to read about a country and know all the facts; it is a very different thing to interact with people and get a burden for their need for Christ. This visit will give you

Interacting with like-minded people and building the right relationships. You have to be willing to meet and mingle with other missionaries, some of which may be working in the same field, country, and ministry as you. Build relationships with people with them and be humble enough to learn from them. Those people could end up being a shoulder to cry on, people to share and bear burdens with and a source of encouragement in trying times.

Develop Healthy habits. These may include; good hygiene, disciplining yourself by cutting off time wasters and learning to spend quality time with God daily, dealing with emotional baggage so that they do not burden you on the field, spending time with your family and preparing their hearts for your departure etc.

In Conclusion…

Learning how to become a missionary is not what children think about. It is a lifelong commitment and if you are not ready to make the commitment, you should take a step back now. This is a time to get support from friends, family, spiritual authorities and the church, through their prayers, financial donations, partnerships and any other way that will be beneficial to this ministry. The importance of prayer for this journey cannot be overemphasized. The path of a missionary is not an easy one. Prayer is the right place to begin, where your treasure and strength lies. Pray in every way you know how and in all manner of entreaty. Trials and hard times will come such that you will start to question if you are on the right path or not. You can only receive wisdom, assurance, grace, strength and divine direction only when you ask God for it.

In all you do during this period, your eyes must be kept on the goal while enlisting others to be a part of this ministry team. Do not enlist someone just because of how deep their pockets are. Seek the face of God before making any major decisions. It is Him who called you, so trust Him to lead you. This preparation is not something to be rushed and learning how to become a missionary takes a bit of time. You are preparing for a lifetime of service and as such, you must patiently yield as the Holy Spirit walks you through and opens doors for you. It will definitely be worth the wait!!!

Short-Term Mission Trips – All You Need To Know

In the article, I want to demystify everything about Short-term mission trips. The aim of this site is to answer every question related to Missionary works. I know many people are always considering what mission trips they can get involved with and how to go about it.

short-term mission tripsMissions is the life and bane of every true believer.

In reality, life itself is a mission trip of sorts – its purpose centered on spreading the good news in a world where we are all diplomats and ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.

I must admit that I’ve always harbored a subtle resentment for the popular mission’s slogan – give, pray or go. While I do not doubt its validity in prescribing the different ways in which you can be involved in missions, I very strongly question the analogy behind the characterization as people are often tempted to select their most convenient option when in truth each one is, in my opinion – incapable of existing in isolation of the other.

That said, if you are considering embarking on a short term mission trip you are not only brave and selfless, you are one of over 1 million Americans that have considered likewise, and so you’re definitely not alone.

This a handy guide to aid preparations for Short-term mission trips or should I say; what might just be a life changing experience for you.


Preparing for Short-term mission trips might become unnecessarily daunting if you do not establish a few things prior, so here are a few things to consider –

Key Considerations When Selecting a Short Term Missions Trip:


  • Purpose: A really honest question to ask yourself is – Why are you going? What is your motivation? Your response should determine whether or not you choose to proceed further with the other arrangements.
  • Experience: Again, it is important to ask yourself what your expectations are – What type of experience are you looking for? Are you seeking discipleship or a cross-cultural exposure or perhaps some ministry experience?
  • Difficulty: What level of cross-cultural experience is right for you – and how much culture shock will deter your activity and/or intention?


Things to Avoid on Short-Term Mission Trips

  • Thrill Seeking: Missions is not entertainment for ‘adventure junkies’ seeking to participate in just about anything for fun, but is rather exclusive for people who genuinely seek to yield themselves in selfless cross-cultural service.
  • Quick-fix Mentality: It is not enough to provide short-term fixes that are encountered on the field – it is important that the solutions you intend to put forward are both implementation feasible and independent of you so that your proffered solution will remain long after you’re gone.
  • Self Focus: Again, the trip is not about you. It is what God intends to do through you for the community in view, think and pray for clarity of mind
  • Lack of Preparation: Most people arrive their destinations without a clue how to implement the fantastic intention/plan they earlier had. The trip turns out counterproductive.

Things to Do Before You Go for Short-term mission trips:

  • Get/Update Your Passport & Make copies: Passports generally take from 4 to 8 weeks to obtain but can be expedited for an additional fee, and  Before leaving the United States, make three (3) copies of your passport keep one copy with you in a different place separate from your actual passport for emergencies.
  • Get Vaccinated: Check whether the country you are visiting presents any risks for diseases and see if there are any vaccinations available.
  • Get Appropriate Wardrobe:  It is advised that everyone going on a mission’s trip dress conservatively; both for culture sake and for protective purposes, especially as different countries present varying weather conditions.
  • Plan to eat healthy while on your missions field. You may need to get a few solid cookwares a small one is fine depending on how long you will be there. I found that either saladmaster vs maxam would win here.
  • Get Prescription Medications: If you have a medical condition requiring that you take prescription medications make sure to discuss with your doctor and take with you as much medication as you may require for the length of the trip.



  • Your Impact May Be Limited (Culture Barriers) – Trust God not you
  • Poverty Might Look a lot Different than You Expect – your needs may change
  • You’ll Come to Realize that You Cannot Fix the World – but God can
  • You Will Find Brokenness in Helping Others –
  • Your Perceptions of Life/Priorities Might Change –


But finally, and most perhaps most under-looked –

You Don’t Have to Go All The Way To Really Help:

Start where you are!

Mission Trips For College Students

Do you want to know about different opportunities for upcoming Mission Mission Trips For College StudentsTrips For College Students?  You are in the right place.  In this post, I will give you a detail of everything you need to know to have a fun filled summer while helping other people.

Mission Trips For College Students: Why should you be interested?

  1. Experience life in a very new way
  2. Impact more than you could have where you are now
  3. Make a huge difference in the mind and life story of other people around the world.
  4. Get to grow as a leader.
  5. Influence friends and family you leave behind
  6. Your uniqueness has an opportunity to affect other people
  7. You may also find other people like you there and get to know your uniqueness in a better way.
  8. You grow a lot under challenging situations so get ready to surprise yourself.
  9. Get a vacation without spending too much
  10. Other people will be excited to help you raise the funds you need
  11. You also learn to trust God in a new way.

Ok, now I get you interested 😉 ok, you were already interested, that’s why you are here.

Then what next?

You need to decide whether you want to do a mission trip locally here in America or you want to go global. The Lord Jesus left us with an instruction to go into the world and preach the good news. Yes, the world can be down that scary lane downtown or across many seas. The truth is that many people far and near have not heard the gospel the way you now understand it. mission trips for college students

Missionary Organizations

There so many organizations out there that help to make Mission Trips For College Students an easy project.

Adventures in Missions: Here is an organization that specializes in helping individuals go on Christian Mission trips. You can either do a short term trip or a long term trip. They have special 1-3 months mission trips for college students. To fit into this program you must fall within 18 and 22 years of age. this Adventures in Missions partners with overseas churches and other Christian organizations and ministries to make this happen. They offer mission trips for college students for the summer, fall and spring semesters.  They lead mission crew to various countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Royal Servants with Reign Ministries: This organization focuses on discipleship. While taking college students out for a mission trip, they focus on raising disciples that will, in turn, raise disciples as well. So their mission trips are group based. You have someone you are working with and they have someone they are working on. They train staff disciplers that come in for their training a week ahead of the other students.  The role you will perform during your trips will depend on which trip you choose. However no matter what you may be ministering to orphans, performing street drama or dance, loving on street kids, surfing with Irish teens, eating noodles with Chinese students or kicking around a soccer ball; it all depends on the trip you choose.

Cru: This unique organization that specializes in various summer mission trips. You strengthen your walk with God as you build your confidence spreading the good news about Jesus. They also have a study abroad platform which gives you the opportunity to earn your credits. They work with schools in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East or Oceania! They also recruit volunteers for the Jesus Film Project, a Jesus movie showed around the world.

Focus on Campus: This is a catholic missionary organization. They have winter trips, summer trips, and Spring break Trips. They bring students across the globe, places in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Also in America. They also have special trips. They also do medical mission trips.

Experience Missions: This organization runs 1-2 weeks mission trips, helping you bring your team of youths or adults to impact communities in the US or around the world. They also run 1, 3 and 6 months mission trip. These are immersion mission trips. You go live in other communities where you eat their food, bath in their water, sing in their language, walk on their road and this makes you vulnerable to them. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

Others are:

Orphan Outreach

Projects Abroad


Global Frontier Missions

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