Short-Term Mission Trips – All You Need To Know

In the article, I want to demystify everything about Short-term mission trips. The aim of this site is to answer every question related to Missionary works. I know many people are always considering what mission trips they can get involved with and how to go about it.

short-term mission tripsMissions is the life and bane of every true believer.

In reality, life itself is a mission trip of sorts – its purpose centered on spreading the good news in a world where we are all diplomats and ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.

I must admit that I’ve always harbored a subtle resentment for the popular mission’s slogan – give, pray or go. While I do not doubt its validity in prescribing the different ways in which you can be involved in missions, I very strongly question the analogy behind the characterization as people are often tempted to select their most convenient option when in truth each one is, in my opinion – incapable of existing in isolation of the other.

That said, if you are considering embarking on a short term mission trip you are not only brave and selfless, you are one of over 1 million Americans that have considered likewise, and so you’re definitely not alone.

This a handy guide to aid preparations for Short-term mission trips or should I say; what might just be a life changing experience for you.


Preparing for Short-term mission trips might become unnecessarily daunting if you do not establish a few things prior, so here are a few things to consider –

Key Considerations When Selecting a Short Term Missions Trip:


  • Purpose: A really honest question to ask yourself is – Why are you going? What is your motivation? Your response should determine whether or not you choose to proceed further with the other arrangements.
  • Experience: Again, it is important to ask yourself what your expectations are – What type of experience are you looking for? Are you seeking discipleship or a cross-cultural exposure or perhaps some ministry experience?
  • Difficulty: What level of cross-cultural experience is right for you – and how much culture shock will deter your activity and/or intention?


Things to Avoid on Short-Term Mission Trips

  • Thrill Seeking: Missions is not entertainment for ‘adventure junkies’ seeking to participate in just about anything for fun, but is rather exclusive for people who genuinely seek to yield themselves in selfless cross-cultural service.
  • Quick-fix Mentality: It is not enough to provide short-term fixes that are encountered on the field – it is important that the solutions you intend to put forward are both implementation feasible and independent of you so that your proffered solution will remain long after you’re gone.
  • Self Focus: Again, the trip is not about you. It is what God intends to do through you for the community in view, think and pray for clarity of mind
  • Lack of Preparation: Most people arrive their destinations without a clue how to implement the fantastic intention/plan they earlier had. The trip turns out counterproductive.

Things to Do Before You Go for Short-term mission trips:

  • Get/Update Your Passport & Make copies: Passports generally take from 4 to 8 weeks to obtain but can be expedited for an additional fee, and  Before leaving the United States, make three (3) copies of your passport keep one copy with you in a different place separate from your actual passport for emergencies.
  • Get Vaccinated: Check whether the country you are visiting presents any risks for diseases and see if there are any vaccinations available.
  • Get Appropriate Wardrobe:  It is advised that everyone going on a mission’s trip dress conservatively; both for culture sake and for protective purposes, especially as different countries present varying weather conditions.
  • Plan to eat healthy while on your missions field. You may need to get a few solid cookwares a small one is fine depending on how long you will be there. I found that either saladmaster vs maxam would win here.
  • Get Prescription Medications: If you have a medical condition requiring that you take prescription medications make sure to discuss with your doctor and take with you as much medication as you may require for the length of the trip.



  • Your Impact May Be Limited (Culture Barriers) – Trust God not you
  • Poverty Might Look a lot Different than You Expect – your needs may change
  • You’ll Come to Realize that You Cannot Fix the World – but God can
  • You Will Find Brokenness in Helping Others –
  • Your Perceptions of Life/Priorities Might Change –


But finally, and most perhaps most under-looked –

You Don’t Have to Go All The Way To Really Help:

Start where you are!